Representative Director Kunihiko Takei

Banks-Securities-Venture Capitalists

He uses his financial and venture experience to become a venture capitalist. He has been primarily involved in high-tech ventures as an investment manager for 10 years. The result is the amount invested, the total amount invested is 50 billion yen

Double Scope (TSE ①6619) Director / CFO

Develops and manufactures separators, which are important materials for lithium-ion batteries. In 2005, he became the representative director (jointly) at the same time as the company was established. Achieved a market capitalization of 100 billion yen by listing on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers in 2011 and the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange in 2015. Retired as CFO of Director since listing in March 2017, became an advisor

Other activities

Audit & Supervisory Board Member, Microwave Chemical Co., Ltd. (J startup100)
NEDO (New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization) TCP, SMBC Future: Mentor
Chiba University Faculty of Engineering Master’s Course: Venture Theory Part-time Lecturer

Director Takashi Yokokura

President of Topcon Co., Ltd. (2006-2011)

Managing Director of Tokyo University of Science, Member of Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Outside Director of Dexerials Co., Ltd. (Current position)

1971 Graduated from the Department of Physics, Faculty of Science, Tokyo University of Science
He joined Tokyo Optical Machinery Co., Ltd. (currently Topcon Co., Ltd.). As an optical engineer, he researched and developed various optical machines for consumer, industrial, medical, and surveying.

After that, he was in charge of joint research with universities in Germany and the United States as a development manager. After assuming the post of executive officer, he was the general manager of the technical division and the general manager of the medical equipment and industrial equipment divisions. Since 2006 he has been President and Representative Director. He engaged in M ​​& A and industry-academia collaboration at home and abroad.

Since 2013, he has been in charge of industry-academia collaboration and profit business as a managing director of Tokyo University of Science. As a member of the Tokyo Chamber of Commerce, he is in charge of many things such as the co-chairman of the Manufacturing Promotion Committee.