Finance x Growth x Technology

We believe that finance accompanies the business, and entrepreneurs aim for growth by taking the risk.
And we will add + alpha to the technology and utilize it

GOAL: A Tech Ventures Goal

Our ultimate goal is to “provide financial functions without products”.
The link between finance and the business side is the product. But from a product perspective, the essence of the customer cannot be seen.
Not a product. We will pursue the finance function of the main unit, which accompanies the growth of customers. We would like to challenge ourselves toward the goal with the slogan of “finance x growth x techno longyi” with entrepreneurs who challenge the world without being divided by products.

BUSINESS: Our business

As the first step of “providing financial functions without products”, we will start with venture capital business and advisory business. We would like to take on the challenge of venture capital business with concepts such as investment policies that existing funds have not dealt with.
In the advisory business, we provide our experience and solutions as an advisory business regardless of whether or not we have an investment. Our experience and solutions are based on the corporate venture capital business of venture companies, listed venture companies and large companies.

TECHNOLOGY: Growth and Technology

What is growth and technology that are two sides of the same coin?
Having been involved in technology ventures for many years, I feel that “technology is what you use, and the cost of technology is now cheaper than you might think.”
I would like to utilize technology for growth, create + α there, incorporate this into business plans, and convert it into financial power.

We value ourselves as entrepreneurs.
With the slogan “finance x growth x technology”
We aim to achieve our goal of “providing financial functions without products.”