Technology x Finance x New Market = Business Model

I founded A Tech Ventures in 2017 to support Deep Tech.

I have a track record of co-founding a venture company in the DeepTech category in 2005.
After that, I appeared on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers in 2011 and on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange (currently Prime) in 2015. And I achieved a market capitalization of 100 billion yen.

I became a co-representative, and when I retired, I was involved in management for 11 years as a director and CFO.

I am familiar with investing in the founding stage of the DeepTech domain.
I have a track record of investing in AI, biotechnology, medical services and robots.
In addition, we have a track record of executing founding projects in the Deep Tech category.
I have also been involved in entrepreneurship education.

Since its inception, I’ve been involved in the business model of startups in many other categories, not just DeepTech.

Based on this experience, I have accumulated knowledge and experience in technology, finance, and new markets.
Currently, I’m expanding my business to startups in the DeepTech category.

Our mission is
“Technology x Finance x Global = Business Model”.

Our key members have entrepreneurial experience.
Grow that experience as technology changes
We are constantly updating.

I think it’s important for entrepreneurs to see their business in terms of technology, finance, and new markets. By doing so, I believe entrepreneurs can build better business models.

Nowadays, the cost of using technology and finance has dropped dramatically.
And technology and finance are creating new markets.
We will take this opportunity to support new categories of businesses with the support of start-up companies.